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    Testimonials and Reviews

    Odontika Video Testimonials

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    (Jan 2016) My name is John from Ireland.  I have just completed two years of quite complex dental treatment at the odentica clinic. My treatment requirement was significant including sinus and ridge augmentation and complete new dental in plants. Few dental clinics including my own in Ireland are equipped or qualified to take on this complexity of work.  I chose the clinic from research on the internet particularly from reading other testimonials.
    I could not highly enough recommend the Odentica clinic. On every issue they would score five stars.  They are uncompromising in their pursuit of perfection. Their equipment is state of the art and they are on cutting edge of current dental practice.
     The first appraisal and recommended course of treatment was very honest practical and professional which included a range of options to suit my needs and budget.   The treatment was painless and at no time was I under any doubt that my comfort was their priority. 
    The clinic is very tailored for foreign dental patients.  Communication was thorough and the planning was designed to fit my life circumstance.
    While budget and the complexity of the requirement were two main factors why I choose Odentica.  It is the level of professional service I received which would make me choose them again.

     I am not a testimonial writer, to my shame this is my first. but with the highest level of professional service I experienced at Odentica I felt compelled to put it to paper.  It was in every sense earned by the technicians, support staff and the best dentists you will ever meet.    John



    Recommed this place very highly.  Just had a CEREC bridge put on half the price of the US.  Super job, done with love, precision, dedication and care.   Dr. Ieva Day-Stirrat did a terrific job!  The staff was highly professional, caring, and friendly.

    Kasey USA: 2014



    I found the dental clinic on the Internet and visited them first time in 2012.

    The clinic performed root canal treatment fillings and mounted 2 implant at me with an outstanding service. Dr.Artiomas communication with their patients was very good. Specific information about the incident was reassuring and made me feel secure during treatment.

    The cost of this treatment is much cheaper than in Norway and made ​​it also comfortable for me.

    I was also surprised by the good equipment they have in clinic, especially the "Cerec" dental machine. During 30 minutes my teeth was produced and I could follow the process during a glass-window.

    Panoramic x-ray,3D SCAN  is also good equipment and gave fast lot of information about my teeth condition.

    I have recommend them to my friends and some of them have also visited the clinic.

    All is satisfied.

    Patient Oeyvind from Vestfold Norway 18.08.2014



    What was your problem that I went to Odontika?

    After years with bad treatment here in Norway my teeth was really bad/ugly, and I spend a lot of money every year for dentist

    Why I couldn’t solve it in Norway?

    I could do the treatment here in Norway, but after bad treatment here I didn’t trust the clinic here to do good enough job, and the price here in Norway for what I wanted to do was over the double price – a lot of money.

    Why was my choice Vilnius/Odontika?

    I have been visiting Lithuania many times since 1995 and have many friends there, and at the same time as I ordered treatment at Odontika – a accordion club from my home-place should take part in the Baltic/Nordic music Festival in Vilnius. So I checked for treatment in Vilnius, Kaunas and Riga. But no one but Odontika could do the treatment within a week. And they also had many good references – also from Norwegian. So my choice than was Odontika – and I will never be sorry for that.


    How did they help me?

    I had a very good communication with the clinic before I left Norway, and I was met in a very friendly way when I cane to Vilnius. They also fixed a very nice apartment  for me during the treatment. And about the treatment and result:  I never in my life have been treated of any dentist more gently, pleasant and mostly without any pain during the week I was there. It was really professional. And the communication during the treatment was perfect too.

    And the result was impressive. Friends, family and even Norwegian dentists I’ve met say so. And for my own – it’s like a new life – it does very much for my self-esteem.  And no I can smile again with all my mouth open:) But it takes a little time to learn smiling in a new way.


    Rolf: “old” crazy businessman, musician, fisherman, crab-catcher and a very big Lithuanian-friend.




    Odontika team was great. I thank all the doctors, and doctor Ieva for the care and good treatment.

    Odontika arranged everything for me. Nice apartment at very good price. Airport meeting and taxis. I recommend my friends.



    Dec 2013


    To Odontica


    I live in Norway, and I had for some time considered to fix my teeth. I found Odontica on the Internett. My friends warned me, you don't know anything about them, but I took the risk.I got consultation as scedueled, I met a fantastic dentist who explained everthing she did. Her way of behaving  calmed me, and I trusted her completely. In the end I did a lot more than I came for. Today I'm very proud of showing my friends my new smile, I am very satisfied, and my husband has started saving money, he knows where to go!


    Iren, Norway - Oct 2013


    I was in your office on Tuesday for a cleaning and teeth whitening and I would like to say again "Thank You" for a pleasant and professional job you all did.

    Not many people like to go to a dentist, but with all the attention I had and the GREAT results when I walked out I was very Impressed. Great job

    Thomas - Massachusetts USA Nov 2012


    I have contacted "Odontika" by email. They responded to my email and doctor Artiomas has personally called me and confirmed my reservation. It is something that impressed me before I came to Vilnius. And I was not disappointed later.

    I have lived in Vilnius a week with my son and my mother. My dentist Artiomas managed to fix all my teeth during of four days. Doctor Artiomas was very friendly, incredibly professional.  It is reason that I felt very comfortable in the dental chair. As I am very nervous patient he told me every step what and how he should repair my teeth. It made me felt that I am in safe hands!
    I must say that I have never had such a positive experience with a dentist in Norway.
    Although my mother had not booked an appointment with him in advance, however, Dr. Artiomas find the time for her and gave her a professional assessing for her teethes and explained to her what she can do I the future with her teethes. She is very grateful for that.
    Dr. Artiomas also give to me a lot of good advice regarding teeth to my son at 6 years old, what I should check in the future, when he gets new teethes. As I said before I was very pleased with clinik and whit Doctor Artiomas in Vilnius.
    I was also surprised by the good equipment they have in clinic, especially the "Cerec" dental machine.
    I will come back to fix the rest after approx. 6 months. Recommend to this clinic and Dr.Artiomas to all my freinds who have problems with teeth.
    Patient Tania from Norway. 20.10.2012.


    I had 4 implant surgery and many crowns (12). I really recommend now to my friends. I was a little worried before travelling to the east but the doctor explained everything very clearly. Everyone was very helpful.

    Thank you Odontika for great services!

    Karen, Bodo Norway  - Sept 2012


    Had one free Saturday in Lithuania before return flights. Got a new crown fitted, 2 fillings, hygiene and whitening in one afternoon. Top effort.

    Scott – Hampstead  UK. 2012 Sept.


    My teeth were really “messy”. Dr Artiomas said don’t smile in one month will be ok. Now I can smile.

    Knut, kristiansund. July 2012


    I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Ieva and her team at Odontika.  

    After finally realising that I needed some serious treatment with failing teeth, old crowns and potential infections, I decided to look at how to economically solve a growing problem.  I wanted a trouble free, new mouth and realising the cost in UK, I looked abroad.  Dr Ieva was the first to reply to my enquiries and was immediately understanding and responsive.  Even when encountering a minor problem with a UK X-ray and travel arrangements, Dr Ieva’s team responded quickly and efficiently with a solution which gave me confidence that I was in very good, ethical hands.

     Having decided to have treatment, on arrival in Vilnius I was met at the airport by Alistair Day-Stirrat and made to feel very welcome with clear confirmation about my stay and treatment in Vilnius.  

    I was then taken to meet Dr Ieva and after the initial inspection and (panoramic) X-ray what really impressed me was how honest and practical the recommended course of treatment was.  Thereafter, a plan was carried out with so much attention to detail and understanding of my situation that I felt really well looked after.  The support team, from technicians to reception, were terrific – so courteous and helpful, and cheerful and welcoming.

    A lot of work was necessary and it was a comprehensive schedule but I could have chosen a different timescale if I had wanted to.  Full consideration was always given to how I felt during my treatment and equally, full explanations were always given about why certain treatments were being carried out to complete the plan.  At all times Dr. Ieva was honest, open and what is more, determined and dedicated to achieving what we had discussed and agreed.  

    I now have completely trouble free teeth, no sensitivity anymore, and a smile that looks good but natural and not too much like something on the front of a movie magazine.  That said, if I’d wanted a movie star smile, I was told I could have one!

    Odontika are a professional, dedicated dental practice looking after the major treatment needs of people like me from other countries and their own, local patients – a proper, professional practice with a ‘no fuss’, dedicated team.

    I’d recommend them every time.
    Andrew Carr – English patient, June 2011

    It was a nice service, good quality, flexible, fast, because I had different treatment. There were aligners, crowns, whitening, fillings, and aesthetic fillings. I am happy about all of them and I will recommend this clinic to everyone.


    Aligners for teeth straightening.

    It was easy to use: invisible,  easy to clean, quick sensation, no disagreableness, possibility to take off when it was important for me, successful result. I don't know what I can say more. I'm happy with a result - it's most important about Clear Aligner treatment.


    S. Svarthaugen, patient from Norway, November 2011

    My treatment at Odontika has been a wonderful experience. The ladìes are very lovely and pleasant.

    Their work is fantastic. I am so pleased with the result.I recommend Odontikas dentists and their facility to everyone. They are professional.


    Eva Engh - patient from Norway, July 2011

    "I liked Clear Aligner treatment very much and even recommended it to others. During all this treatment period I had no problems or complications related to clear aligners. Also, I did not feel any pain.  Inconveniences were very minimal, for example, when I was in cafe I needed to take care of my dental hygiene and to take clear aligners out of my mouth that nobody would notice. Now I can say that I do not regret and it was worth having this treatment. I am grateful to personnel for the results.“


    Elena - Clear Aligner Teeth Straightening System - patient from Lithuania 2011 Nov.


    PASQUALE RUSSO Itally 2012 Jan.

    I recently returned from Vilnius, Lithuania where I had extensive dentistry done including implants crowns etc I found the staff at odontika to be really professional friendly and sensitive to my needs I am ecstatic with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody.

    Steve from Morecambe England 2012 April


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