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    +370 614 42098


    Odontika - a New Face in Quality Dental Care

    Whilst offering state of the art dental treatment and diagnosis in a modern surround, Odontika dental surgery specializes in organizing patient travel abroad for dental treatment in Lithuania.


    We are the leading dental clinic in Lithuania treating patients from Western Europe and further afield. In fact, last year we treated over 700 patients from abroad in our Vilnius clinic.


    By the summer of 2013 we had treated patients from 55 countries and 6 continents (except Antartica) since our practice opened in 2007.

    Our team are committed to offering the best service we can. As we know travelling abroad for dental work can be a worrying our team are on hand to assist you in your travels to Lithuania. We can help recommend or organize accommadation, recommend flights, and arrange transfers fro the airport and your accomm0dation.


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