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    Dentists in Vilnius
    Who we are: Odontika patient from abroad Jaak recommended we do some informal videos about the clinic, the team and treatments we offer. Alistair Day-Stirrat has been developing dental tourism to Lithuania for nearly a decade.
    Odontika Dental Treatment Abroad
    Medical and dental health training are well regarded internationally as advanced. However there was a gap in product and client service. Alistair sort to develop a bridge between Eastern and Western expectations.
    Dental Clinic in Vilnius
    Odontika dental clinic in Vilnius provides expats living in Lithuania or people traveling to Vilnius with a full English Speaking Service
    Dental treatment Abroad – planning your trip for dental implants
    find out more information: How long do I need to stay in Vilnius? Can I have treatment over a weekend? How many times do I need to come back to Vilnius?
    Dental treatment Abroad – Dental Crowns: planning your trip and itineraries
    Dental Crowns NO root canal: Example treatment plan
    RT news article Dentistry Abroad: Rising numbers of Britains travelling abroad for dental and medical healthcare
    Dentistry abroad in Europe: Every year hundreds of British people are choosing to visit Odontika. Our transparent pricing and innovative clinic technologies like CEREC are some of the reasons why each year more and more patients from abroad choose Odontika. The leading dental clinic in the Baltic for patients from abroad.
    Dentistry abroad: Why Lithuania continues to attract more dental tourists
    Dentistry abroad: Why Lithuania continues to attract more dental tourists Most of us already know the main locations in Europe for dental tourism, and Lithuania is not one of them. But that is not to say Lithuania is not attracting more and more patients from abroad. In fact, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is seeing something of a surge in dental tourism visitors. Service and patient satisfaction top the poll. Time and time again I ask our patients what are you looking for in dentistry abroad? why Odontika why Vilnius why Lithuania? The resounding answer is service. Leaner clinics will usually offer a better service than dental tourism factories. We might expect the convenient and cheap flights to many western and Scandinavian airports has something to do with it as well. As Odontika continues to grow as the leading dental clinic in the Baltic for patients from abroad, my challenge is to keep offering the same or improved service. To do that we value your feedback. So do not hesitate to contact me with your queries, questions, or suggestions. Kind Regards, Alistair Alistair Day-Stirrat Odontika - Director
    Dentists in Lithuania: getting better value for high quality treatment
    A fascinating statement I hear time and time again from our patients who have opted for dentistry abroad. Your clinic is really advanced with such modern equipment. Now, I know many good dentists in Western European countries and I know they are investing a lot in their practices. So, why is the perception that in general private dentistry is expensive and clinic owners are not investing in their business? Perhaps the answer is simple. If we are to continue bringing dental patients from abroad for dentistry in Lithuania, we must present a clinic that offers something more than cheap dentistry. So at Odontika we are clear that we must deliver advanced treatment with high customer service. To do that we must continually invest in our clinic; continue being at the forefront of research; and continue a patient experience orientate approach that has put us in such good stead and allowed the clinic to grow year on year.
    What materials do we use to make dental crowns and bridges?
    We get asked the questions regularly. Especially before people are travelling for dentistry abroad. It is an important question as there are many different materials. The main 2 are metal-ceramic or what is known as full-ceramic.
    Article in Delfi
    Alistair Day-Stirrat, the British director at Odontika dental clinic in Vilnius, says they have already seen an increase over previous years of US patients booking summer appointment times. This is the time people are naturally beginning to plan their summer vacations. For many US travellers the price of hotels just got 25-30% cheaper. This is not just good news for hotels, all service-orientated businesses and cultural events will see the benefit of a weak euro.
    Price of dentistry in Lithuania and the Euro fall
    With the Euro dropping nearly 30% to the dollar since last fall dental material prices have risen in Lithuania. But for Americans particularly and British the price of overall dental treatment in Lithuania has decreased significantly.
    Cosmetic dentistry in Lithuania
    Odontika cosmetic dental specialists in Vilnius, Lithuania, can take care of all your dental needs.
    Dentistry Abroad Testimonials
    Testimonials and Reviews Odontika dentists in Vilnius has added Video Testimonials. Our new feature this year is to video showcase as many genuine patient reviews and testimonials for patients traveling abroad for dentistry as possible. Odontika dentistry abroad patient reviews and video testimonials can be found on our testimonial page.
    GDC General Dental Council Registered Dentists in Lithuania
    A question that is asked from time to time. Do we have any dentists with registration outside Lithuania. The answer is yes.
    Tannlege i Utlandet: Lindesnes Trekkspillklubb - i Vilnius Uzupis region
    Lindesnes Trekkspillklubb i Vilnius Litauen Fantastisk å velkommen Lindesnes Trekkspillklubb i Uzupis området i Vilnius. Odontika tannklinikk på natt sponsorer.
    Tannlege Litauen
    Stadig flere tilbringer ferien hos tannlegen Thomas Danielsen lever av å tilby tannlegebehandling kombinert med reiseopplevelser i Litauen
    Why the NHS can benefit from a more open mind-set towards EU cross-border healthcare
    The British Medical Association has been vocal about the workload their members are facing. In the BMA quarterly tracker survey, August 2014, 40% of hospital doctors and 73% of GPs say their current workload is unmanageable. While certain right wing parties have claimed that the pressure on GPs is down to an ‘open-gate’ policy towards migrant workers from the EU.
    Dental Implants Abroad
    Professional Dentistry Abroad. If you require cosmetic dentistry or dental implant treatment, you should consider visiting the Baltics leading dental implant clinic treatment patients from abroad. We specialize in dental implants abroad, Artificial Bone Replacement, Sinus Lifting, Porcelain Crowns, Bridgework, Veneers, Root Canal Treatment and Periodontal Surgery, Cerec Crowns and Bridges. Our patients regularly save 50% to 70% compared to the quotes they receive in the UK or Ireland and elsewhere.
    Tannlege i utlander: Flyreise
    Tannlege i utlander: Flyreise Odontika tannklinikk i Vilnius er den ledende spesialisten i tannbehandling for utlendinger i Litauen På Odontika er vi stolte over den servicen vi tilbyr pasienter som reiser fra utlandet til Litauen for tannbehandling.
    Dental treatment abroad 2015
    Dental treatment abroad. Thinking of having dental treatment abroad in 2015. We are updating Odontika website with a complete guide to dental treatment abroad in 2015. So watch this space.
    cheap dental implants does not need to mean Factory Service
    The prohibitive cost of dental work in many Western countries means people are travelling abroad for affordable dental implants and crowns. Patients looking for cheap dental implants but do not want to miss quality of treatment are head to the Baltic for dental treatment.
    Teeth whitening in Vilnius
    Teeth whitening in clinic is one of Odontikas most popular procedures. Teeth whitening treatment in our Vilnius dental clinic takes about 60minutes.
    Odontika and Vilnius University Sign Research Agreement
    A Research Agreement has been signed between Odontika Clinic and Vilnius University (October). Vilnius University will undertake research into an applied research problem as part of a first phase - staged partnership - between Lithuanian’s leading research University and Odontika.
    dantu protezavimas
    dantu protezavimas. Dantų netekimas dažnai sukelia ne tik fizinį, bet ir psichologinį diskomfortą. Pacientus vargina nevien kramtymo, virškinimo ir parafunkciniai sutrikimai, bet žmogus ima ir nepasitikėti savimi, todėl dažnai gresia depresiniai susirgimai, o dėl negalėjimo šypsotis tiesiog apkarsta jų socialinis gyvenimas, tačiau dantų protezavimas – trūkstamų dantų arba jų eilių atkūrimas, gali tapti išeitimi, norintiems džiaugtis pilnaverčiu gyvenimu. Kita vertus, žodis „protezavimas“ daugeliui sukelia nemalonias emocijas, nes dar nuo senų laikų asocijuojasi su šlifavimu, gręžimu ir „dantimis stiklinėje“. Tačiau šiandien dantų protezavimas tapo viena moderniausia ir pažangiausia dantų atkūrimo procedūra.
    Dental clinics in Lithuania
    Dental clinics in Lithuania are highly regarded international due to the level of academic research and development that is ongoing. Dental clinics in Vilnius have been at the forefront of developing new techniques and approaches to implant dentistry and digital dentistry in two particular areas.
    Baltic Medical Tourism a slow take off under a strong sail.
    I was asked the other day why Dental and especially Medical Tourism in the Baltic and Lithuania had only recently begun to take off. The truth is medical and dental tourism has been growing in Lithuania for years. What was really meant by the question ‘Why had the Baltic’s gone largely unnoticed in Western Europe?’
    Tannlege i utlandet: Odontika
    Odontikas tannturisme-team. Klinisk ekspertise, pasienten i fokus, vi er forpliktet til å tilby deg den høyeste standard av behandling og omsorg. Alle våre behandlere arbeider innen EU-godkjente protokoller, inkludert den kliniske ledelsen. De deltar også i løpende klinisk tann- og hygieneutdanning og profesjonelle utviklingskurs, som alle tilfredstiller de obligatoriske kravene fra Tannhelsemyndighetene i Litauen. Litauiske tannleger er anerkjente i hele verden for sine høye kvalifikasjoner, ekspertise og praktiske erfaring. Alle våre tannleger kan tilby omfattende tjenester/behandling. Vi velger ut våre tannleger ut fra deres språkkunnskaper og utenlandserfaring.
    Dentists in Lithuania being connected with WOW Air
    Wow Air launches its new Vilnius route on 13 June 2015. Vilnius will connect to USA through Reykjavik for the first time.
    Medical Tourism in the Baltic
    Medical Tourism in the Baltic
    Tannklinikk I Utlandet
    Tannklinikk I Utlandet Tannklinikk I Utlandet: Reise utenlands for tannlegebehandling i Litauen Odontika er Litauens ledende klinikk innen tannlegebehandling. Vi tilbyr et fullt spekter av tjenester for utlendinger som søker tannbehandling i Vilnius.
    How Can Odontika Help You
    Odontika specialises in Cerec Same Day Crowns, Veneers and Bridges All Ceramic Restorations
    Smile Design from Cerec
    Our new 3D Smile Design allows Odontika Dentists and specialist technicians to take a 2D photo image and design a new smile using the powerful CEREC software
    Choosing where to go Abroad for Dental Implants
    When deciding where to go abroad for dental implants it’s important to recognize that there are many hundreds of clinics and dentists offering the procedure. But finding a dentist that is suitably qualified and practiced can be harder. Lithuania has taken the step that all dentists undertaking implant surgeries are required to take further assessments and gain additional accreditation. This might sound obvious, however across Europe it is not standard. Outside of Lithuania any dentist can perform dental implant surgery.
    Dentist Lithuania - Dental Litauen - Odontika
    Odontika is the leading clinic in Lithuania for patients from abroad, if you are looking for a Dentist Lithuania or Dental Litauen then Odontika is here to offer you the service you require.
    dental service litauen
    Litauen dental service. Velkommen til Odontika tannlegeklinikk. Odontika klinikk i Vilnius ble etablert i 2007, og tilbyr et fullt spekter av tannlegetjenester i moderne lokaler.
    Tannklinikk i Litauen
    Odontika tannklinikk i Vilnius er den ledende spesialisten i tannbehandling for utlendinger i Litauen.
    dental i baltikum
    Odontika sin tannbehandling er en av de ledende i Litauen. På Odontika samler vi mange av de fremste eksperter på implantasjon og de beste internasjonale implantasjonssystem.
    Dental i Litauen
    Dental i Litauen. Odontika tannklinikk i Vilnius er den ledende spesialisten i tannbehandling for utlendinger i Litauen.
    Why choise Odontika rental apartments?
    Odontika has increased the number of rental apartments we own/ manage in Vilnius Old Town. Our packages of treatment and accommodation have proven popular. We will continue to offer out patients from abroad serviced apartment accommodation at well below market prices.
    Behandeling Buitenland
    Dutch information portal Behandeling Buitenland www.behandelingbuitenland.nl recommends Lithuania as top European destination for dental treatment.
    Odontika will once again be sponsoring Blossom of Hope
    Blossom of Hope (BOH) is an annual charity event organized by IWAV to raise funds to purchase much needed biopsy needles and breast markers for hospitals across Lithuania. The goal of the event is to encourage early breast cancer diagnosis by providing free biopsy needles necessary for testing. According to medical statistics over several years, Lithuania has had a comparatively high percentage of breast cancer diagnosed at advanced stages of II and III. Treatment of breast cancer at later stages poses a bigger challenge and lowers survival rate.
    Daniel Ray - businessman: of Seriously Inc - outstanding debt 3000 USD. After repeated contact Daniel has failed to make any regular effort to pay off his debts of more than 17 months.
    Looking for a dental clinic in Vilnius?
    Over the passed decade Vilnius has become a well known destination for Scandinavians looking for dental clinics. Vilnius has some of highest rated specialists in Europe, while offering an affordable alternative. Rated as one of the cheapest holiday destinations for travel and accommodation in Europe Vilnius Old Town offers visitors a wide range of cultural and historical spectacles.
    Odontika wins Customer Service Award
    Odontika received two Customer Service Awards for dental clinics in Vilnius & Lithuania. All the team at Odontika are extremely proud, if not a little surprised, to have received not 1 but two Customer Services Awards. For dental clinics in Vilnius and Dental clinics in Lithuania.
    3D technologijos - nauja odontologijos era Lietuvoje
    Kai kurie odontologai Lietuvoje jau taiko moderniausias 3D technologijas dantų gydymui, protezavimui, tiesinimui ir kitoms procedūroms. Tokios technologijos net kelis kartus prailgina restauruojamo danties patvarumo laiką bei pagreitina ir palengvina restauravimo procesą. Viena tokių klinikų, taikančių 3D technologijas – tai Vilniuje, spalvingame Užupio rajone įsikūrusi „Odontika“. Apie naują dantų gydymo erą, atnešusią daug pažangių sprendimų odontologijoje „Sveikata ir aš“ skaitytojams papasakoti sutiko klinikos gydytoja Ieva Day-Stirrat.
    When America sneezes will Lithuania catch a cold?
    What is larger than the UK’s entire economy, soaring in price, wildly profitable, the leading cause of personal bankruptcy, bankrupting the United States and a massive economic bubble that nobody has heard of yet? Healthcare in America.
    Odontika baltiske tannlege i utlandet
    Odontika baltiske tannlege i utlandet. Du kan være sikker på at den eneste forskjellen mellom baltiske tannleger og din lokale tannlege er prisene. Vi fokuserer alltid på dine individuelle behov. tannlege i baltikum
    Leader in the Baltic
    Lithuania Voted Best Value Destination for Dental Treatment
    Vilnius’ Old Town surprised researches with how affordable its accommodation was; and, as a result, ClinicSearch.com has rated Lithuania best value destination 2014 for dental treatment in Europe. Dental implants in Vilnius dentists are highly regarded internationally and travel flight option to the Lithuanian capital is more widespread than in previous years
    Dental Implants Lithuania
    Why have implants in Lithuania? Dental Implants are an alternative to conventional bridges and partial dentures. If you find that your full dentures move around a lot, implants will help to anchor the denture in place. When teeth are lost, the jawbone may start to shrink. Implants can help slow this process down. Your dentist may recommend using implants to support a bridge rather than cut into healthy teeth either side of a gap. Read more to find out How Odontika can Help You
    Cosmetic Teeth Whitening: 3 things to look out for
    Teeth stains can dull the appearance of our smiles. To brighten your teeth and turn heads, Odontika offers two innovative teeth whitening systems you can receive the sparkling results you desire.
    Do you have Compesna insurance and looing for a dentist in Lithuania?
    Odontika and Compensa insurance sign agreement on electronic payments. If you have Compensa medical insurance it is now possible to have treatment in Odontika without needing to pay in clinic and then claim the money back at a later date.
    Soins dentaires à Vilnius
    Bienvenue à la clinique dentaire Odontika. Dentistes anglophones à Vilnius. Nous accueillons des patients internationaux qui requièrent des soins dentaires à Vilnius, en Lituanie.
    61 different coutries
    61 - is the number of different countries patients visiting odontika have now come from.
    Odontika website is now in Danish
    Our website is now in Danish. If you speak Danish, please have a look and let us know if something is wrong. Many thanks Vores hjemmeside er nu på dansk. Hvis du taler dansk, skal du have et kig og lad os vide, hvis noget er galt. mange tak
    Movember in Lithuania
    Odontika is supporting MOVEMBER in Lithuania by giving free check-ups for any man with a Movember. To find out more information about what is MOVEMBER – visit Movember.com –Bringing attention to men’s health.
    Dentistry Abroad: Is ‘dental tourism’ the future of dentistry?
    Due to various factors such as the high cost of living and the lack of access to affordable dental care, there is a new trend growing in dentistry. Dental tourism is a growing phenomenon in North America and Europe. Residents of Western Europe often travel eastward in search of lower cost of treatment or more experienced and higher quality providers.
    Thinking about travelling abroad for dental treatment?
    If you are thinking about dental implants, Lithuania is an affordable destination for quality dentists. The helpful guide published by ClinicSearch has some useful information to help patients planning their trip. Please read on to see the guidelines.
    Odontika Dental Clinic in Vilnius
    Expanding our dental clinic, Lithuania, once again. This time we are expanding our lab service. Including CEREC Bridges.
    Innovations in Medical Tourism
    Choice and faster treatment: Ultimately the EU Directive on cross-border healthcare is leading towards greater patient choice. How Lithuania might be chosen as a destination is indeed the big question. The Directive does not in itself guarantee anything substantially will happen. What it has meant however, is business and governments are talking. Lithuania has gone a long way to organizing itself in preparation as signified by the formation of a Medical clusters. While, for those already in the dental, spa or medical tourism business, any coherent effort towards Lithuania’s brand promotion as a destination for healthcare treatment is a good thing.
    Medical Tourism Lithuania
    Destination Lithuania for Medical Tourism - Alistair Day-Stirrat. Health tourism is among the top five priorities in the development of tourism in Lithuania according to the National Tourism Development Programme for 2010-2013.
    Odontika has now treated patients from every continent except Antarctica
    This summer we have finally achieved the unthinkable having treated patients from 54 countries and every continent except Antarctica. Fantastic to see so many people from so many different countries coming to Odontika for dental treatment in Vilnius Lithuania
    Expanding Dental Lab
    Odontika has successfully expanded our in house Dental Lab facilities. We continue investing in our clinic so we can remain the number one choice for Dentist Vilnius Lithuania.
    Crowns on Implants with CEREC
    Your dentist clinic in Vilnius Odontika now offers full ceramic crowns on implants with CEREC
    Charity Cancer Fundraiser
    Odontika team attend - Blossom of Hope - The annual charity fundraiser organized by IWAV helps bring attention and collects money on behalf of breast cancer awareness.
    New Clinic Record
    January 11th 2013 we broke the clinic record now set at 8 different nationalities treated in the same day! And 9 if we include Lithuanian locals
    We've updated our patient treatment guarantee on our website. As ever Odontika offers the best guarantee you'll find in Eastern Europe
    Oldest dental filling is found
    Fortunately these days white composite fillings are prefered over beeswax or indeed amalgems.
    Pricing dental treatment in Lithuania
    Some dental clinics in Lithuania still persist in NOT presenting clear pricing, or having markedly different prices for foreign patients.
    Odontika Laboratory
    Odontika takes over Laboratory processing in-house
    One-Visit Dentistry for dental implants in Vilnius Lithuania
    It is now possible to put a crown on an implant in one-visit with CEREC
    FAQ about dental implants abroad: in Lithuania
    Odontika is proud to be the nr1 clinic for patients from abroad looking for dental implants and dental care in Lithuania
    One-Visit Dentistry
    If you are traveling from abroad, or just very busy in Lithuania, Odontika will soon be able to offer same day Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, In-Lays, On-Lays.
    Dental Implants in Vilnius
    As your dentists how many implants they do a year
    Lithuanian Medical Tourism Conference
    Odontika takes part in Lithuanians first medical tourism conference.
    TV2 one of Norway's leading news channels visits Odontika
    TV2 from Norway were in Lithuania recently to find out why so many Norwegians are visiting Odontika to see a dentists in Vilnius.
    Christmas and New Year appointments
    Always a busy time of year for Dentists in Vilnius, and Odontika its the same. Book early!
    1000th dental patient from abroad!
    Medical Tourism to Lithuania was always the plan of Dr. Ieva Day-Stirrat. In a little under 5 years Odontika has cared for its 1000th dental tourism patient.
    Dentist Lithuania
    Looking for an English speaking dentist in Lithuania?
    Stop your child from thumb sucking
    Thumb (or finger) sucking sucking habit, if not eliminated by a certain age, can become detrimental to a childs physical, emotional, and social development.
    Floss for fertility and visit yout dentist regularly
    Women who want the best chance of having a baby should make sure they floss their teeth regularly, say doctors. Peridontal disease has already been linked with heart disease, type 2 diabetes and miscarriage, plus poor sperm quality in men.
    Odontika welcomes 3 new team members
    We are please to indroduce 3 new additions to the odontika team
    100th aligner case this year
    Odontika treats 100th invisible aligner case this year.
    Chistmas and New Year Bookings
    Book now. This time of year is one of our busiest, booke an appointment today, and do not be disappointed.
    Implants 10 Year Standard Guarantee
    All implants come with 10 year guarantee. This is often a FAQ. Whether it’s a 1700 Lita implant of 1000 Euro, 10 years is standard.
    Wedding Season Madness
    Weddings: summer in Lithuania can only mean one thing. Because you want to look your best for these special occasions we are offering you the special rate of 455 Litas for in clinic whitening. This is only available for a limited time, so contact us immediately.
    Invisable Braces
    Straighten Teeth Invisibly. All you have to do is wear a series of clear wafer thin transparent mouth guard like positioners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position. No-one will ever know you are wearing a brace !!
    Odontika Celebrates 2 Years
    Our modern dental clinic in Vilnius Old Town is 2 years old! The fact slipped by, unnoticed to us Odontika celebrated its 2nd Birthday on the 20th of November. This was probably because the interior design...
    Getting to Vilnius for dental treatment lowest price ever.
    Traveling to Vilnius Lithuania for dental treatment has never been cheaper from the UK and Ireland. Return flights for 45 pounds and 100 Euro respectively.
    Finding Emergancy Dental Care in Vilnius
    For foreigners visiting Vilnius finding emergency dental care can be something of a traumatic experience.
    15% off with Aerlingus
    When traveling to Vilnius with Aerlingus Odontika will give you a reduction of 15% on all treatment costs.
    New Flights
    Aerlingus begin new direct service between London Gatwick and Vilnius.
    Summer Offer
    25% off Dental Hygiene Procedures. Vilnius Dental clinic, Odontika Summer Offer. This limited offer is available by…
    New Service - Removable Orthodontic System
    Dental treatment in Vilnius has never been easier. In this webpage you will find information about dental treatments & procedures, dentists, Vilnius tourism and price information. Odontika’s dental team and fluent English speaking dentists are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to visit our dental team.
    15th Nationality
    Odontika has recently added France to the list of different nationalities patients have come from for dental treatment.
    Implants 15% discount in April
    Odontika is offering up to 15% discount on Implant surgery for April.
    Vilnius Capital of Culture 2009 + Whitening with 40% reduction
    The saving alone on teeth whitening pays for your weekend break in Vilnius. What’s more, with Vilnius being the New European Capital of Culture for 2009, there are even more events going on throughout the year to keep your stay enjoyable.
    NHS Dentist Postcode Lottery
    [Do not forget, Odontika is offering a 40% discount for teeth whitening. In-clinic whitening for 400 litas with BTCool System] Ministers have ordered an independent inquiry into continuing problems accessing NHS dentistry in England.
    Dental Treatment in Lithuania this Christmas
    As we near Christmas we are discounting prices of up to 40% on select cosmetic procedures for the festive season only.
    Compensation for dental treatment abroad
    Odontika has seen an increase in patients visiting from Nordic countries this year. This may be the result of the Scandinavian countries close proximity to Lithuania and their significant investment here. It might also be because of their respective states dental and medical policies that can make the UK look backward.
    EU law could make dental tourism easier
    As we reach the middle of the British governments 8 week consultation period into the EU’s Patient Mobility Directive the Odontika board asks “is there anyway to stop the phenomenal growth in patients travelling abroad for dental care, and are there reasons why the government should be supporting the ‘outsourcing’ of dental care”?
    Competition Winners and Olympia Show
    Odontika gave away 5 sets of Hygiene and Whitening Vouchers as a Prize Draw at the Health Tourism Show 2008. The Winners will be invited to our Vilnius Clinic for the treatment. The show gave some excellent feedback and it was a pleasure to present the clinic to so many people.
    Invitation to Medical Tourism Show London 25-26th Oct
    Odontika invites you to The Health Tourism Show held at London Olympia II, 25-26 October 2008. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet us. To get Free entrance to the event please register with us NOW
    Dental Tourism
    Odontika is proud to launch its Dental Tourism section. What makes Odontikas different to most agents working in the Medical tourism field? Not only do the Odontika staff and doctors speak fluent English but the clinic is partly run and employees British people in Lithuania. Whats more, Odontika is purposefully geared to welcoming people from outside Lithuania and offers a Platinum service for anyone looking for Dental Treatment Abroad.
    Our new website is launched
    Odontika launches its new website with updated treatments and Vilnius gallery sections.
    Odontika Dental Surgery acquires new state of the art panoramic X-Ray
    Odontika dental surgery has got a new Panoramic X-ray, made by Sirona, the market leader in digital X-ray systems. This digital X-ray is adaptable to unique patient needs, with an ability to choose the lowest x-ray dose but getting the highest quality photos.
    Odontika Dental Surgery opens for business
    Odontika Dental Surgery official opened its all new premises in the Uzupis region of Vilnius Old Town in December 2007. Odontika welcomes patients from Lithuania and abroad offering state of the art diagnostic equipment that is not widely found else where. The Clinic offers a full range of dental care and personalized treatment plans.

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