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    Dental Treatment Abroad

    Dental Treatment Abroad: Odontika dental clinic is the Baltics leading clinic providing services for patients traveling abroad for dentistry.

    Traveling abroad for cheap dental treatment?

    The price of dental treatment in Lithuania is up to 70% cheaper than Western countries. At Odontika dental surgery in Vilnius we offer one of the best treatment guarantees in Eastern Europe. Therefore, we are not one of the cheapest clinics in Eastern Europe but we offer a high service and treatment guarantee. Read our guarantee here . This has made Odontika the leading specialists in dental treatment abroad in Lithuania. 


    Dentistry Abroad: what are Odontika services?


    At Odontika we pride ourselves on the services we offer to our patients travelling abroad for dental work. We make sure your stay is as hassle-free as possible. 



    Whether its our dedicated support staff of our professional dental team, we try our best to communicate the information you need. We always do the best we can to answer your questions as soon we possibly can.


    Time management:

    Although our clinic works at weekends, at Odontika we respect that traveling abroad can mean taking time off work. We do our best to plan your treatment as effectively in advance as possible. This way we can schedule appointment times in advance and block book chair and specialists time for you. 



    We know every patient is different. Treating the individual means we at Odontika have to remain flexible to your needs.

    What we can arrange for you:

    • Airport transfer 
    • Apartment Rentals: we offer a number of our own apartments at discounted prices for our patients from abroad. All vacation apartments are all of a high standard in the city centre/ Old Town. 
    • Hotel recommendations 
    • Transfers 
    • Recommendations for sightseeing and eating out.



    Getting to Vilnius has never been easier. There are a number of national carriers and low cost flights to Vilnius or Kaunas airports and direct flights within Europe take 1-3hrs.










    Please don't forget to give us your flight number and exact arrival time!

    We will meet you in person at Vilnius or Kaunas Airport and provide you with a personalized information package and drive you safely to your hotel or apartment.

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