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    Dental Treatment in Vilnius


    Welcome to Odontika dental clinic. English Speaking Dentists in Vilnius. We welcome local and international patients who require dental treatment in Vilnius Lithuania.                                                   More


    Dental Treatment Abroad: Odontika has treated patients from 85 countries. 900 foreign patients visited Odontika in 2015 alone. Making Odontika the home for dental tourism patients in Lithuania and the Baltic.


    Dental Treatment in Vilnius Old Town:

    * Same Day Crowns - CEREC in Vilnius 

    * Dental Implants

    * Teeth Whitening

    * Hygiene - Cleaning and Polishing

    * Emergency Treatment
    * Crowns and Bridges
    * Veneers and Onlays
    * Root Canal Treatment
    * Cosmetic Treatment
    * Advanced Diagnostics and more...


    Some of the Reasons why Odontika patients recommended us:

     Convenient Opening Hours

     Same-Day Crowns

     CEREC Full-Ceramic Restorations

     Weekend Appointments

     Digital Panoramic X-ray

     English Speaking Doctors and Support Team




    Dental treatment Abroad – planning your trip  and itineraries to Vilnius


    Click on a popular dental treatment abroad request below to find out :

    How long do I need to stay in Vilnius for dental treatment?

    Can I have dental treatment over a weekend?

    How many times do I need to come back to Vilnius?


    Example treatments:

    Implants            Crowns              Bridges     



    Find out why so many Norwegians are visiting Dr Ieva Day-Stirrat at Odontika? for Dental Implants in Vilnius and other procedures?
    Watch the short video

    (Norwegian TV2 Channel news team visited Vilnius)


    The prohibitive cost of dental work in many Western countries means people are travelling abroad for affordable dental implants and crowns. Patients looking for cheap dental implants but do not want to miss quality of treatment head to the Baltic for dental treatment. At Odontika we take pride in our treatment quality and service.



    Testimonials and Reviews

    Odontika dentists in Vilnius has added Video Testimonials. Our new feature this year is to video showcase as many genuine patient reviews and testimonials for patients traveling abroad for dentistry as possible. Odontika dentistry abroad patient reviews and video testimonials can be found on our testimonial page.


    Straighten Teeth Invisibly. The exciting new, easy to wear, invisible, and comfortable orthodontic system. No one will ever know you are wearing a brace !!                                                                              More





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